Here’s your chance to learn from world class trainers, Hall of Fame boxers and present World Champions. No previous boxing experience necessary.  All levels of skill; from beginners to veterans. 


The camp is open for anybody that likes boxing. Anyone who wishes to learn the secrets to developing the most tactically effective, pound for pound, best fighter on earth.


There will be two days of intense training with boxing's most successful family. Witness and take part in, as father and son fine tune the most coveted defensive skills in history.  See and learn first hand the techniques and advantages to the speedy mitt work.

An exclusive opportunity to get in the ring with Boxing’s First Family. Your camp will include in-depth boxing conversations, coaching sessions, defensive and offensive skills training, sparring and training drills. Professional and Amateur sparring partners will also be available to help with your training and for you to punch.  Those who choose to spar will have Floyd Sr.  and or Jeff Mayweather working their corner between rounds. Professional photographers will take video and photographs of you, in full garb, as you display your skills.